Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brooklyn Flea Market in New York

Brooklyn flea market in the Fort Greene 

The forecast for the Saturday before Columbus Day called for beautiful balmy weather hence we decided to head to the Brooklyn flea market in Fort Greene. Over the years, the Brooklyn Flea event has mushroomed into two venue attractions: the Saturday one in the Fort Greene neighborhood and the Sunday event in Williamsburg.  New Yorkers and tourists flock to the Brooklyn flea market which has been described by some as a town square get together while others hailed it as vintage bazaar.

Brooklyn flea market in Fort Greene

Brooklyn flea market in Fort Greene

Brooklyn flea market in Fort Greene 

Brooklyn flea market in Fort Greene

This flea market featured a myriad of vintage items ranging from cameras, typewriters, luggages, handbags, costume jewelry, clothings, shoes, books, posters, postcards, furniture and other knick knacks. Check out those vintage typewriters in the above picture. Until I visited this flea market, I have never seen typewriters in such lovely blue and pink colors. They were in good working condition too and typewriter ribbons were also available for purchase.

Flea markets bring about unexpected gems. I saw a beautiful vintage scarf but I decided it was a "nice to have" item rather than a "must have".  Hence I didn't  purchase it.  A woman bought a beautiful vintage jacket at the same stall.

Lobster roll offered at Brooklyn flea market in Fort Greene

There were also food vendors and my appetite was teased by the Maine lobster rolls stand. I finally gave in and bought a lobster roll. It was delicious. Let the treasure hunt continue !

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