Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Colors

The sweet aroma of an apple orchard

Old Father Winter visited us early this year and even gifted us with a surprisingly early October snowfall of a couple of inches. The last time New York City received such measurable snowfall in October was in 1952 ! In the meantime, the fall foliage in New York City was still limited. We just have to contend ourselves with the beautiful golden hues of fall colors reflected in Mother Nature's seasonal gifts of mum flowers, ornamental fall cabbages, pumpkins and apples.

Stunning fall colors of mum flowers

Beautiful mum flowers to add a welcome touch to the front doors.

Ornamental fall cabbages for the gardens

Animated pumpkins

Animated pumpkins

I just could not resist buying some of the colorful mums and a little pumpkin to decorate our doorsteps.


  1. We too had a snowfall, about three inches here but inland Maine had up to a foot! It has quickly melted and hopefully no more will fall until later on in the season. The photos are so pretty, loved the little pumpkins!



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