Monday, September 12, 2011

Pretty In Pink

So pretty in pink gown

I wore a pink shirt to work  last Tuesday. Within two city blocks, I saw three fellows wearing pink shirts in the same shade as mine. "Is it a pink shirt day ? ", I was wondering to  myself. The best was yet to come.

At the office, we had a male visitor from another department and guess what he was wearing ? A pink shirt too.

Later that night, I was watching a rerun of "The Office". In the opening credits, Pam, the receptionist was seen wearing a pink shirt similar to mine.

Was it a coincidence that people just happened to be attired in pink that day or was it because I was more conscious of the color since I was wearing it too ?  I did not have a chance encounter with the singers Pink or Pink Floyd though.

Pink is a pretty color, just right for the summer days. Come to think of it, I don't remember ever seeing a politician wearing that pink although it seems to be a very popular color as an office attire for the males. But we gals always look pretty in pink :)

Say it with pink flowers at dinner

The world is awashed in pink afterglow. The fine pink sands of Bermuda .... Monet's pink house in Giverny, France as shown in one of my previous posts.  ... pink flowers for fine dining ...

Take a look at the beautiful pink junior gown at the top of this post ! The gown reminded me of the dazzling gowns that the Barbie dolls wear.

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