Friday, September 16, 2011

Andrea Bocelli concert in Central Park - the concert that I did not attend

I was stuck in a hugh traffic jam on Thursday night near Central Park on the way home. The increase in traffic was due to the free (yes absolutely free !) concert in the park performed by the great Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. He was accompanied by the NY Philharmonic plus other performers such as Celine Dion and Tony Bennett.

Even though the concert was free, one still had to obtain an admission ticket to the Great Lawn concert area in the park. Several park entrances were cordoned off hence the fans had to gain admittance through specific entrances. I saw the fans queueing patiently and orderly. Lucky fans ! This was such a cherished once in a lifetime experience for them.

The night before was warm and balmy and it would have been the perfect starry night for the performance. In contrast, Thursday night was chilly and rainy. Fans had to brave the adverse weather with umbrellas, windbreakers and blankets to watch the stars performed.

I wonder how much the average fans could see and hear at the vast distance from the central stage. I have read that PBS would broadcast the concert in December this year.

Nevertheless, this was such a marvelous gift to New York City !

 In the meantime, I had to settle on listening to Andre Bocelli's Con te Partiro at home
 instead of live at the park.


  1. This was indeed a wonderful gift! M husband and I flew to Houston last Nov to hear Bocelli. Marvelous!

  2. Barb,
    That sound like a wonderful trip to hear Andrea Bocelli. Thanks for visiting my blog.



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