Sunday, August 11, 2013

Broadway Let It Be - A celebration of Beatles' music

Broadway Let It Me

We received a discount deal from the Living Social website promoting the Broadway "Let It Be" - a musical tribute to the Beatles. The show is an import from London West End and it is marketed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their music. 

I checked out the show reviews. Most tend to be positive. Since the ticket prices were discounted favorably (starting at $29 for the balcony general admission seats),  we decided to treat ourselves to a Sunday evening show. We went for the mezzanine seats. At the prices we were paying, it beat standing for an hour or so  at the TKTS booth to obtain discount tickets. Other websites that  I have checked were selling the balcony seats at much higher prices.

At purchase time, we did not get the option to select the seats. A voucher was given instead, instructing us to pick up the tickets at the box office on the day of the show. We were pleasantly surprised at the seats assigned. We got centre first row mezzanine. Great view.

For the $29 general admission tickets, the seatings were based on first come first served.

The show was a time passage depicting the Beatles from their humble beginnings at the Cavern club in Liverpool. Four musicians played and sang the Fab Four music on stage. "Paul" here played left handed. It was reviewed  that in other show sessions, the "Paul" musician played right handed.  The show moved along to their US appearances at the Ed Sullivan show. It then recreated their US debut concert at Shea Stadium. 

Broadway Let It Be - The Beatles USA debut concert at Shea Stadium, New York City

Next it progressed to their Sgt Pepper's  Lonely Hearts Club Band phase and then to their final years together. It was just pure music, one Beatles hit after another recreated by very accomplished musicians.

Broadway Let It Be in New York City

Broadway Let It Be in New York City

During "Twist and Shout", the audience were encouraged to stand up, twist and dance along to the song. The atmosphere loosened up a bit after that. "When I am 64" was dedicated to the youngsters in the audience. I have read reviews that pointed out that the rendition of George Harrison's "My Guitar Gently Weep" was one of the highlights of the show. It was indeed.

Broadway Let It Be in New York City

We were able to get autographs and met with the performers after the show. They were very obliging to the fans with photo and autograph requests.  The musician who played Paul posed for a few photos and apologized that he had to catch the train. Imagine that, after performing as Paul McCartney on Broadway, the gentleman took the train like an average Joe!

Thumbs up for the show!

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