Sunday, February 12, 2012

Carniege Hall | New York Giants won 46th SuperBowl

Joan and Sanford Weill recital hall, Carnegie Hall

Many years ago, we attended a piano recital at the Joan and Sanford Weill recital hall at Carnegie Hall in New York. I was surprised to find out that it is not a big hall since its capacity is about 250 seats. However, the acoustics were excellent and did justice to the majestic black Steinway baby grand piano occupying the stage.  Even though we were not seated near the front, we could still see and hear the performers well. The mellifluous music floated from the Steinway grand piano and bounced off the huge cascade of chandeliers on the ceiling without any diminished sound quality.

On SuperBowl Sunday, we were invited to a music recital at the same venue again. The recital consisted of piano, vocal and stringed instruments performances. The talented performers as individual or in groups excelled in their presentations. Their dedicated practices definitely paid off and congratulations were in high order for their successful debut at this prestigious music venue.

I supposed that one should not be surprised by unexpected interruptions during music recitals these days. During the second half of the show, somebody's cell phone ring tone cut through the melodic air.
Fortunately, the owner of the phone turned it off quickly. Then around us, some restless kids were playing with the velcro on their shoes and tapping their feet to the music. Their parents put a stop to that quickly.

After the show ended, our party gathered for a celebratory meal at a nearby restaurant. Aromas from one hundred layered lasagna, scrumptious lobster with manila clams pasta, veal and lamb dishes soon filled the room.

The Sunday night was capped off by the New York Giants winning the 46th Super Bowl over the New England Patriots. Good music, good food and good game - all made for a beautiful Sunday.

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