Monday, August 22, 2011

Accidental encounter with Richard Gere | guitars

A collection of guitars

The media reported recently that the actor Richard Gere was planning to auction off his extensive collection of American vintage guitars to raise money for humanitarian causes around the world. This reminded me of an accidental encounter we had with the actor a long, long time ago in a guitar store in midtown Manhattan.

We were browsing in a guitar store when I noticed a a man playing a guitar behind a sectioned off area. I nudged my husband, asking, "Isn't that Richard Gere ?" My husband approached the store personnel to inquire. The store personnel confirmed that it was the actor Richard Gere and that he visited the store often.

My husband asked whether we could get an autograph from the actor. The store personnel relayed the request to Richard Gere. To our surprise, he agreed. He came out to the counter area and my husband personally asked him for an autograph. He graciously autographed on the store business card for us. There were no crowds around us so it was a pretty close and personal encounter.

Unfortunately, I did not have a camera handy on that day. I still have the autograph and I remain a fan today.

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