Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crocheting | Knitting

Source: Giraffe creation and picture by my talented niece

Source: A Mario mushroom creation and picture by my talented niece

When I was in the public library recently, I overheard a lady telling the librarian that knitting is a dying art. She couldn't find the knitting books she wanted in a local bookstore and came to the library for help. That bit of conversation turned my attention to my teenage niece who has acquired a crocheting hobby over the years.

She has learned crocheting from her grandmother and the time spent was a wonderful bonding experience. Over time, my talented niece has taken the initiative to crochet cute creations by looking up on the Internet for ideas and guidance. Above are some of the wonderful items that she has created.  I thought that the last item was a cupcake but my niece corrected me and informed me that it is a Mario mushroom ! All these creations are simply adorable !

I  have never learn how to knit but I have learned how to crochet as a teenager. I learned it together with a high school friend.  We would peruse crochet patterns together and discussed about our crocheting projects. When I reconnected with my friend on Facebook, I inquired whether she still crocheted but she no longer pursue this hobby.

I once crocheted a "blouse" from a pattern but I doubt that I could remember how to do it now. I have produced several baby blankets which were relatively easy to make being that it was either a square or rectangle and you just crocheted each one with different combination of colors. For an average crocheter, it was time consuming but you could multi-task while crocheting and doing other activities such as tv watching or commuting on public transportation.

At my daughter's birth, I received a beautiful pink and white blanket from a friend whose mother had crocheted it. My friend mentioned that her mom had arthritis and hence crocheting helped to exercise her fingers. We also received some beautifully knitted outfits from a relative. Bless them for these handcrafted items are still in good shape and  are definitely treasured as family "heirlooms".

Let's hope both the art of crocheting and knitting continue to thrive.

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