Thursday, June 23, 2011

Panda Bears | San Diego zoo

Panda bear at San Diego zoo

My daughter received a stuffed panda bear toy as a gift from the San Diego zoo when she was young. It is her favorite toy and she brought it with her whenever she has sleepover at her cousins' houses or when we traveled. The panda bear was tagged "Bai Yun" after the actual name of the panda bear in the San Diego zoo.

Visiting the panda bears was our top agenda during our first visit to the world famous San Diego zoo. As you approached the viewing area, there are signs advising you to keep a quiet profile to avoid disturbing the bears. This is probably one of the most popular attractions in the zoo as noted by the presence of the long queues.

Panda bear taking a nap at San Diego zoo

We saw that one of the panda bears has ensconced itself comfortably in the shady branches of the tree for the afternoon nap. The tree branches were apparently strong enough to hold the massive weight of the slumbering bear. Another one was busy lunching on the bamboo shoots which grow abundantly in their enclosure. All in all, these are not frisky animals running around. They seemed rather passive, slumbering under the San Diego sun or chewing hungrily on the bamboo shoots.

Panda bear at San Diego zoo

These endangered pandas have definitely endeared themselves to the visitors. Now, is anyone ready for a Kung Fu Panda  animated movie? I have not seen the sequel Kung Fu Panda II yet but I've heard it has received good reviews.

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