Monday, May 23, 2011

Anti-Virus Protection Program

It still amazes me that there are now robust personal computer programs given away for free. I remember back in the early days when the personal computers were proliferating in the corporate world and slowly gaining ground in the US households, one had to spend top dollars to buy a word processing, spreadsheet or a database program. Nowadays, you can obtain some of these programs for free.

Thanks to the open source movement, altruistic software programmers have collaborated to build robust application programs. Across the globe, they access programming codes to fix outstanding problems and incorporate new features and release them to the public at no cost. Hence the average computer user could access free valuable tools to enhance their personal computing experiences.

With so much ease of use on the computers, notebooks and tablets, we are in the danger zone of unintentionally introducing spams and virus programs onto our computers. I remembered once clicking on an innocuous posting on my Facebook wall page. I did not know that the post was a spam until I discussed with a friend. Luckily, I happened to use a free anti-virus program and hence was able to detect the virus programs and trojan horses lurking in my system. These malicious programs were quickly removed.

I am speaking of  the AVG, one of the top free antivirus progam. AVG offers a free basic edition that can remove virus programs from your computer. AVG claims that over 110 million people have used their software. You can read more about this anti-virus tool here:

Undoubtedly,  I was apprehensive when I first used this program. Over time, when I scanned my computer using AVG, I found that it often catches rogue virus that might not be detected by other programs. AVG also provides an option to update the software often so that it can detect the latest computer virus and trojan horses when scanning your computer.

Hence this is an alternative to remove the malicious programs from your computer without initially spending a load of money.  Of course, if you feel inclined, you could upgrade AVG to the premium edition with additional costs. But first, take care of the basic cleanup to kick off those destructive viruses/trojan horses to the curb !

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